Story of Clock mini

Jan 1, 2020 at 10:00:00 PM
8421682853_689194 "A dock clock and more."

Aqua and

In the first public beta release of Mac OS X, there was a Clock app built right in the OS. That was the first time Apple introduced the aqua interface to the world, and the clock app was such an elegant utility app. There's no such technology like the retina display back in 2000, but still, the clock app became my favorite one, it was so beautiful.

A simple cocoa app

Years later I started teaching myself cocoa programming, and the clock app was gone in upcoming updates. So I decided to make one, which was the first version of Clock mini, launched in 2014.


It was just a simple cocoa app without many features, no big deal. To my surprise, when I submitted it to product hunt, Clock mini got lots of upvotes, and the app store even promoted it once in "New Apps We Love Right Now".

People were loving and enjoying this little cocoa app!

Retina display

The retina display was a game-changer, the high pixel density makes the Dock 4x more data-dense than before. I still remember the moment when I opened Xcode and built Clock mini on a retina MacBook Pro, the richness of details in the clock icon just blew me away.

It was magical!

New design, new year.

I think Mac users are enjoying using the Dock, to me it is not just a container of shortcuts, it is alive there, telling you that the computer you are looking at is more than a tool.

So we keep working on the project, trying to make Clock mini more useful and meaningful.

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Recently we've released version 2.0, in which we've redesigned everything, from code to pixels. We've added lots of new features like timer and timezones support, themes library with different styles...

From a tiny little cocoa app to a dock clock utility with timer and timezones and beautiful themes library, the mini clock is getting better.

We've been using Clock mini for a while now, it already became the part of our Macs. In the new year, we hope more and more Mac users can enjoy using Clock mini just as we did.